Welcome to the SCC basic school finance page. This page is designed to give the end user a brief overview of school finance concepts and to ultimately review the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) related to school finance. To learn more about specific SCC financial details please visit the SCC Financial page located on this site.

How is an annual school budget made up and where does the money come from?


What exactly do my tax dollars fund?


What is a levy?


Is Iowa school finance different than operating my own checking account?


Can we pay teacher salaries out of any school account?


What does it mean when a school district tries to past a bond issue?


What are the statewide penny (SILO) or PPEL funds I hear about? How do these help us?


What is the district doing with the Federal money that was distributed due to COVID and economic reform?


What does the Board review monthly regarding finances?


How often is the district audited?