Below are some commonly asked questions and answers.

Why is the District not mandating face masks?

Iowa law prohibits school district from mandating face masks in public schools and on public school grounds. This is brand new this school year as of the last legislative session.

Why is the district not closing when COVID begins to show up and levels heighten at school?

Iowa law requires local districts to hold in-person learning. Online options outside of this requirement will not count towards the district’s 180 day/ 1080 hour minimum school year requirements. 

Why are students allowed to come to school when they have a known exposure?

Students can now attend school if they have been exposed but are not experiencing symptoms (asymptomatic). By law, this decision has shifted to parents/guardians (vs. a Public Health or District decision) on whether or not children are well enough to attend school. 

How long does a positive COVID student or staff member required to remain out of school?

10 days is the minimum number of days a person testing positive for COVID must remain out of school. After 10-days. all students and staff that were required to leave for COVID may return to school. 

What is the magic number of absences before the school shuts down?

Unfortunately there is no magic number. If anything, it will be the shortage of staff and our inability to find substitutes that has everyone concerned. Just as with any epidemic outbreak, if 10% of the entire student body falls ill (around 90 students for SCC) we are required to report this to the Iowa Department of education who then in turn communicates with Iowa Public Health and Calhoun County Public Health to make a determination of whether or not a building should or shouldn’t keep its doors open. 

What steps are currently in place to mitigate COVID at SCC?

Although there are limited options that the District currently has, as we are required to hold face-face learning, we still strongly encourage the following to anyone that enters our District facilities/grounds. 

                1) Wash or sanitize hands thoroughly and often

                2) Social distance from large groups trying to maintain 3-6                                      foot of more apart. 

                3) Recommended to wear a face mask when and where                                            possible while on school grounds.

               4) Recommend vaccination when possible

What is Calhoun County Public Health’s role? 

CCPH still remains a vital partner and leader in the fight against COVID in our communities. The District maintains regular communication with this organization and seeks advice as it pertains to COVID and other health issues. We will continue to work with Public Health to offer vaccination clinics when possible. 

For additional questions please contact Brad Anderson, Superintendent (712) 464-7210 or (712) 297-7341,