South Central Calhoun High School Registration Information
Please read CAREFULLY before selecting the link below to fill our your registration.

SCC School Board Policy states that a student must take at least 6 classes per day each semester plus Physical Education with a maximum of 9 study halls per week. 

2 Courses are scheduled according to the number of student(s) pre-registered for them.

3 The total number of students pre-registered for any one (1) course determines how many sections of that course will be offered during a given semester or year.

4 If your son/daughter wishes to take an on-line or Earlybird college credit class, they must understand the responsibilities and requirements necessary to succeed at this type of course before registering for it.

5 All students technically have until school-wide registration days in August and also three (3) drop/add days at the beginning of each semester to add or delete courses from their schedule.

6 The high school administration and counselor reserve the right to reduce the size of a class list through arbitrary reduction.  Simply, if an older student needs a class and it is full, the younger student will be asked to postpone taking the class until a later semester.

NOTE REGARDING COLLEGE CREDIT COURSES: High school students taking college coursework under a concurrent enrollment agreement will be required to meet two criteria to stay in good academic standing with the college(s). 1) Must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and 2) must satisfactorily complete 67% of credits attempted. Failure to meet either of these two criteria may impact student enrollment and/or financial aid status when enrolling at a college after high school.


South Central Calhoun Graduation RequirementsPlease refer to the information below related to the South Central Calhoun graduation requirements (50 Credits).

English (8 semesters) 1 Semester must include Speech I.
Social Studies (6 semesters) 1 Semester must include American Government.  One year must include United States History.
Mathematics (6 semesters) We encourage a progression of mathematics.  An example would be: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II.
Science (6 semesters) 2 credits must be from General Biology or 2 credits of Biology and
2 credits of General Physical Science/Physical Science or Chemistry I and Physics I
Physical Education (Students must be enrolled in PE or Personal Fitness at least 1 semester/year.) Each student must successfully complete .5 semester credit for each semester of P.E. attempted. Failed P.E. credit must be made up.
Technology (2 semesters) Each student must successfully complete two one-semester technology courses.
Vocational or Fine Arts (1 semester) 1 credit
Financial Literacy (1 semester)***NEW***** 1 Semester of either Personal Finance or Economics

1) Click the Course Description Booklet link below to get a complete description of all course offerings for 2021*2022  Each student must select ONE course from each of the REQUIRED AREAS. They still need to complete and a minimum of ELECTIVE COURSES that are one semester or one year in length that give them a FULL SCHEDULE. Courses with an * behind them are ONE SEMESTER in length.

2) Mark the selected courses on your Data Entry Sheet.

3) Log into JMC with your student ID number for 2021*2022 @ (Link will be located under the JMC button) and select your courses.

Course Description Booklet

Updated 1.25.2021